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mandag 25. november 2013

Hope and glory?

Looks like I'm not the only one obsessing over Star Wars Episode VII. Check out this fan-made draft, and dream away. We do have some similar thoughts on the issue, but there are some wild ideas in there, too. I love these times when you have no clue whatsoever what is going to happen and people are cooking up all this stuff and they inspire or annoy.
They almost lose me from the get-go with the opening crawl, which promises a new Empire, Dark Jedi and yet another super-powerful weapon. I'll read through it anyway to see if there are any actually good ideas to pilfer, but this setup, if it were true, would have me quite disappointed. And not even from a certain point of view. Also, an "X-Wing fighter is running for it's life." Yes, this is really the real thing, folks.

No. I can't read this thing. During the first page we already have repeats of several lines of dialogue from the original trilogy as well as the exact same stuff happening that we've already seen (a smaller ship turning on a Destroyer, hyperdrive not working...sigh). If anyone believes this is an actual leaked draft written by Arndt, Kazdan et al...I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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