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fredag 29. november 2013

The Millenium Falcon

So, this week's biggest rumor is without a doubt that the Millenium Falcon is back and that it will be featured so prominently that they have built or will build a full scale model.

I'm not sure what to think about it. On the one hand, I have always loved the Falcon. I used to dream that I flew it around. Sometimes I woke up and had to look out the window just in case it was parked outside, waiting for me to take it to school. On the other hand, revisiting the ship will, no matter how good the movie, forever change the perception of the Falcon as I've "lived" with it since the original trilogy. The margin of error will be quite large when it comes to portraying the craft as it was in the originals, yet probably changed for the new episodes. Knowing how movies are made these days, I'm scared we'll see a Falcon with a host of incredibly powerful cannons, shields and other effects that make it less believable (kind of like how Artoo-Detoo was souped up with oil cannisters, jet rockets and so on in the prequels - only this was even more awkward as those films took place before the originals).

The rumor also has me asking whether this means we'll see Han Solo flying it again, or whether someone else owns it now, like Lando Calrissian owned it before Han Solo. I'm hoping for the latter, but if we have new characters I wouldn't mind a new interesting spacecraft and let Falcon be the magnificent design it was in the original trilogy.

One rumor also suggests that the Episode VII plans to rebuild the Mos Eisley cantina. This is certainly an idea I do not like. We already had a great, classic scene in Star Wars, returning there will be yet another case of "diminishing returns". Give us new places and locations. We've seen Tatooine in four episodes already. So far, if you're looking at the rumors (the return of Luke, Han, Leia, R2, C3P0, Millenium Falcon and the cantina) you'd think they are making a reboot of Star Wars instead of a new episode.

Not sure if Millenium Falcon will show up in Episode VII. I'd love to see it in action again, of course, but it could go so wrong...it feels kind of wrong to bring it back, in my opinion. It served its purpose in the original trilogy.

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