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onsdag 27. november 2013

The opening scene

I'm skipping the opening crawl for the time being, but have kind of decided on what I'd like to see for an opening scene in Star Wars: The Dark Legacy - and I have lifted it straight out of one of George Lucas' early drafts for The Star Wars. 

The camera pans down to reveal a huge planet, with five or so moons orbiting it; the moons are visibly rotating, and they are different from each other surface-wise so as to evoke that feeling of "there's a much larger world out there". The audience watches this dance of worlds as they hear the sound of an approaching engine - and then a spacecraft of some kind zips into view, following a trajectory that takes it past these moons. An epic opening, then, and to kind of play with the "dark legacy" theme I'd like to see a shot of the spacecraft as it moves into the shadow of one of the moons, a visual metaphor that things are going to get darker. Then, cut to a closer look at the vessel as it approaches the surface of one of the moons. 

And that's it. That's what I'd like to see first. It follows the established pattern, obviously, by starting out in space, and its yet another variation, this time upping the number of celestial bodies. I made a quick image of how I envision it, with an Y-Wing Fighter standing in for the vessel that the camera would be following. Maybe I end up actually using a Y-Wing; the audience will recognize it, and that would be a nice little first connection to the original trilogy. Maybe it's a souped-up Y-Wing, which was once used in the wars - but that will depend on who is actually flying the thing. Could it be Nien Nunb?! 

Camera has panned down to reveal this epic vista.
A spacecraft zips into view from the right, flying toward the third moon.
So what happens next? Who flies the ship, and where is it going? And what awaits on that third moon? Before I can figure this out I need to get cracking on an actual synopsis, or outline for that matter, of what I actually want to see/hear/experience/enjoy in my imaginary seventh episode of the Star Wars saga. 

I do like the idea of having 'old' starships that were used in the war against the Empire souped-up and used by others, we'll see if I go anywhere with that. 

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