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mandag 19. mai 2014

A New Rift in the Force?

Dammit, I knew this would happen the moment Episodes VII - IX were announced. It would take over my mind, and I don't like it! Now I am thinking about Star Wars all the damned time again, trying to figure out just how they are going to make it all work, worrying that they will make choices that will hurt my feelings (tongue in cheek, folks, tongue in cheek!) and being annoyed that news is so little forthcoming to the point that people are happy that somebody figured out that the picture of the Ep VII clapperboard was taken at Abu Dabhi or whatever the place is called. And I am back to checking the interwebs many times a day for a new trickle of Ep VII news. It's crazy. Some part of me forgets this will just be a movie, a two hour stretch of moving pictures. Fortunately I am not the only one obsessing over this. I don't have to feel alone. But still. It's crazy I tells you!

From the latest rumors and hearsay I have come to the conclusion that, until proven otherwise, Han Solo is most likely to go out in a blaze of glory in VII; mainly because Ford is being coy about his potential involvement in VIII and IX, really. Not because he, decades ago, had wanted Solo to die in Return of the Jedi. No one signs on for a film just to have a character killed. Better to say "No" in the first place, I suppose.

I'm still considering what a worthwhile plot would be, and as it seems (again, according to rumors and hearsay) that Han Solo will be a "co-lead" along with a trio of younger actors, and Luke and Leia will have important roles as well, that it does seem very likely that the younger actors will indeed portray the offspring of the original trilogy's cast members. I have to admit I am not particularly fond of the concept myself. It was used in the now non-canon 'Expanded Universe' (not that I bothered much with it; I did buy some books in the initial excitement and aftermath of Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire but realized how silly much of it is the moment I read the novella about IG-88 and his adventures with the second Death Star), and so it is one step in the direction of "predictable" (along with "Luke is a Jedi Master now", "Leia tends to the government" and "Han is a space admiral"). Then again, if the pattern of the three trilogies is to be followed through, it pretty much has to be about the next Skywalker, whether it be Luke's son/daughter, or a son/daughter of Leia. Now, if Solo and Organa indeed never made their relationship work (a suggestion I made in my previous post), Leia would be a Skywalker, so there's that.

It's so early yet. There is no game to speak of, little to comment upon. I have a bad feeling about this, not in the least because of the massive and utter disappointments of the prequel films, but it's also early enough for me to be hopeful with the rest of the Star Wars fans. It is kind of interesting to see all those prequel fans (the worldwide prequel fanbase is gathered at theforce.net's forums) being miffed that it seems the production is taking steps to avoid anything prequelly. Now they know how it felt to disagree with the direction of the prequels for us old-time "bashers" as we were called back in the day. Now they can just wish that they could wish away their feelings. Muha! I hope there's nothing that connects the prequels and the new trilogy but I guess there will be something as Lucas was involved with the story treatment. Even though I am cautiously distrusting JJ Abrams I can't imagine any worse than what Lucas did with episodes I-III.

This resurgence of Star Wars obsession also led me to go back in time and revisit some old threads in which I participated back in the day on theforce.net, before I was banned for life (I had a brief return a year or two ago, I guess around october '12 when the announcement was made) but somehow they managed to figure out it was me, even though I had changed IP and all since I was banned in '05. Strange, that. I was banned after having written a long post comparing A New Hope to the prequels to show how and why A New Hope is a much better film. Imagine that, banned over defending the original damned Star Wars. Well, all right, I had been there for years being negative about the prequels (hence the term "basher" for me and the likeminded) so they were probably pretty fed up, but still.

On my main blog Stormsongs I have described how this exact same thing happened to the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom when people turned a critical eye on A Feast for Crows in 2005. That saga's main forums also began banning people for being negative, but they did not even allow for a "Basher's Sanctuary" type thread at all. Now, both theforce.net and westeros.org are sites where, I suppose, only gushing is welcomed; what if new fans should happen upon someone being critical? Not good for business. That is why other forums have sprung up, where freedom of speech is freedom of speech; for talking freely about Ice & Fire you can go to Is Winter Coming?, and for Star Wars, there is Outer Rim Sieges, although it has been deathly quiet there for a while. Hope it picks up now that there's is new stuff to be wary of.

Now I am going to clear my mind of all things Star Wars (it doesn't help that I a) fought with toy lightsabers with my son today and b) played with my vintage collection with my son today) and watch the seventh episode of Game of Thrones Season Four. Look for a review at Stormsongs tomorrow.

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