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onsdag 21. mai 2014

It's becoming real

Well, holy cow (a shame they didn't make tigers holy instead, that would a) keep the population down on a more normal level and b) they wouldn't be an endangered species now) - with the latest video initiative from J.J. Abrams straight from the first location shooting / set of Episode VII, we have our very first glimpse of the next installment.

Aaaaand it has something Promising, and something Worrying.

The alien merchant passing by with his cage of chickens looks promising for Abrams' return to rubber mask aliens. Though it moves its neck in a somewhat stiff manner, it feels much more like lifelike than the CGI we had to endure in the prequel trilogy. Also, its design looks much more like Star Wars than the prequel aliens which were, almost all across the board, not very interesting. I get shivers just thinking of some of the stupid designs in the prequel trilogy, like Kit Fisto or that duck-head Jedi, or the Gungans.

The scenery, a marketplace by the look and feel of it, looks more like Mos Espa (from The Phantom Menace) than Mos Eisley (from Star Wars). Will we have a third "Mos" on the planet? Or is this one of the aforementioned cities on the desert planet? It pretty much has to be Tatooine, it doesn't look different enough to be anywhere else, so I take this video as confirmation that Tatooine is in. And that worries me a little because I've seen that planet more than enough already in five out of six existing films. I hope the writers had some good deliberate reasons for going back there again. So far, though - this scenery gives me more of a The Phantom Menace vibe than anything so far.

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