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søndag 18. mai 2014

Kenobme in the face

So, Star Wars Episode 7 News speculate about Obi-Wan Kenobi having a grand daughter or some such who plays a pivotal role in the next Star Wars - and it seems they think it's just as bad an idea as I think it is. It makes no sense at all, so I am dismissing this as a rumor. But then I think of all the stuff in the prequels that didn't make sense at all and yet it was incorporated into the mythology, and wonder, are they really going to have a Kenobi character in there?
I can't think of one good reason to have a Kenobi in Episode VII that isn't the ghost of Obi-Wan (not that I want Obi-Wan in it, not at all thank you very much - the ghosts is the weakest part of the saga in many ways). Really. It would only be confounding, whether the character is Obi-Wan's granddaughter, niece, sister or aunt or what-have-you. No, I'm not buying it. No Kenobis in VII.

No matter the angle, it will shrink the galaxy even further. It would change Obi-Wan Kenobi's character. And it would muddy the plot because they would have to do some explaining and all that.

Kenobi is a no no!

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