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lørdag 31. mai 2014

This deal is getting worse all the time

So, it's been a while since I posted anything here, but that doesn't mean I haven't been following the rumors, tidbits et al concerning Star Wars VII. In a way I am as obsessed now as I was in the years during the theatrical re-releases and the hype leading up to The Phantom Menace, and I hate myself for falling in the trap again.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a few small leaks that all have made me less hopeful for a good seventh episode, an episode in the mold of the original trilogy rather than the prequel trilogy. The illusion began to shatter with the location shown in the J.J. Abrams 'Force for Change' video which looked more like a set from The Phantom Menace than something from the original trilogy. That's not too bad, of course, as long as the characters and story are awesome.

But in comes a smattering of, what I personally deem, horrible ideas that I can only hope are false rumors, but that many claim to be legit. The worst of these is a leaked photo supposedly showing a so-called "Night Sister", from the acrid The Clone Wars series.

Now, I am sure a lot of fans of newer Star Wars material will be delighted if the Night Sisters make an appearance in the film; they might be happy if this is only a character inspired by the "witches of Dathomir". But I never felt that they made sense within the Star Wars galaxy, nor were they interesting. Their increased importance in the cartoon show only made me dislike them more. After Return of the Jedi, there was only one Force-user left in the galaxy, and that was Luke Skywalker. With Leia as a potential apprentice at that time. If these stupid Night Sisters were alive and kicking during the original trilogy and the cartoons, it takes away the poignancy of having Luke be the last of the Jedi. I'm still clinging to the hope that this is just fake crap. ANYWAY, I am filing the Night Sisters under MOST LIKELY CRAP.

Another seemingly confirmed rumor is that there will be a sort of music/dance number. I'm categorizing this one as WORRYING, seeing that such scenes have been pretty much hit and miss, with the Specialized version of Sy Snootles & the Max Rebo Band in Return of the Jedi: Special Edition being absolutely cringe-worthy. Of course, it could be pretty cool, and as for the dancers that have been working on the episode, they might just have been there to perform stunts. I'm filing it under WORRYING for now.

Oh, and there's the rumor they are looking to film in Scotland. Scotland! Now that's a scenic, beautiful, fantastic country and I sincerely hope it's true. I am filing this one under PROMISING.

There has been some confirmation on a stand-alone movie, I am not going to spend time on those here as this is about Episode VII and its sequels, but I'm counting this stuff as WORRYING -.

And just now, there's been a photo leaked showing parts of a Tatooine set (again similar to what we saw in The Phantom Menace, looking like Mos Espa rather than Mos Eisley), seemingly built in England at the Pinewood Studios and not at Abu Dhabi, which is curious. Could JJ Abrams, in that video clip of his, be in England? It looks like the same set, but from a different angle. Go to Star Wars 7 News for pictures.

So, tallying it all up I'm still firmly in the Worried camp. Which I suppose isn't all that strange, considering how the prequel trilogy was like a big fat poisonous fish slapped in the face and the groin.

With the (now old) news that Han Solo will have an important, possibly large, role in VII I have finally realized where I am going with my own vision, which I began in the first posts on this blog, where I started The Dark Legacy with a starcraft flying past a string of planetoids. Now I know who's flying it, and where they are headed, and why.

Look for the first scenes of Star Wars: The Dark Legacy soon :-D

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