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onsdag 4. juni 2014

Holy Load of Pictures

The feels!
Oh my, so many set photos leaked this week. At first I thought, "I'm not going to give them a look, I need to be at least a little unspoiled" but that notion was of course drained from the mind immediately. Some very exciting material, of course, though I've always expected her to be back, but there she is, the Millenium Falcon, ready for takeoff (almost). Well, so far that fits what I've been dreaming up in the first scenes, with loner Han Solo (solo) hiding his old beloved hunk of junk in a silo-like structure on a remote world.
I was more surprised to see an X-Wing-like fighter. Does this mean we'll see space combat? Why else fly a fighter? It's not quite an X-Wing, though.
And all the pictures from the Tatooine set were nice to watch, surprisingly few aliens, but that big monster thingy is nice, and feels very Star Warsy.
The use of old discarded Ralph McQuarrie designs (from his concept art) is PROMISING, of course. I have a suspicion we'll have the characters come to Tatooine in search of something or someone (Luke Skywalker? The remains of the Lars family so they can finally get a proper burial?), it seems like the only plausible way to include that same old tired dust ball yet again.

Exciting times, indeed.

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